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Stephan D. Weiss, PhD "Vita"

Stephan D. Weiss

Stephan D. Weiss, PhD

Founder & Chairman, Stephan D. Weiss Foundation  Cincinnati, OH 

Dr. Stephan D. Weiss, Founder and Chairman of the Stephan D. Weiss Foundation, is a career-long advocate for supporting the needs of college students as they transition from adolescents to successful emancipated adults. He has been an active contributor to the field of clinical psychology for over 40 years.


In 1972 he founded the Mental Health Program at the Student Health Service of the University of Cincinnati. His professional career as a clinical psychologist has been devoted, among other things, to his vision of supporting students’ pursuit of ideas & values that shape a healthy identity. His published research has advanced mental health service delivery and professional training in institutions of higher learning. 

Stephan D. Weiss, PhD "Continued"

Founder & Chairman, Stephan D. Weiss Foundation  Cincinnati, OH 

In 2002, the Stephan D. Weiss Foundation was established to support student mental health and to encourage students to learn the values, develop the character and achieve the mastery required to emancipate into successful and productive adulthood.  The Foundation invites sponsorships with institutions of higher learning, private organizations and businesses in contributing to the development of the up-and-coming generations with the ultimate goal of encouraging and supporting young adults in their participation as vibrant community members.


As a member of the Board of Directors of the American College Health Foundation, he has endowed the Stephan D. Weiss Ph.D. Fund for Mental Health in Higher Education “to encourage development of initiatives that will enhance mental health service delivery to students” by sponsoring an annual Weiss Writing Prize and the Weiss Student Mental Health Award to “foster creative thinking, applied research and program implementation that will promote the mental health of students engaged in higher education.”  



University of Cincinnati, Tenured Associate Professor of Psychology (Psychology and  

Psychiatry) and Coordinator of the Mental Health Program          

Cincinnati State Technical Community College, Adjunct Lecturer (Psychology) 

University of Cincinnati, Visiting Assistant Professor (Psychiatry) and Consultant/Liaison (Wellness Center) 

University of Massachusetts, Sponsor of Scholarship and Professional Development Funds  

The Tilton School, Board Trustee and Mental Health Consultant 




University of Massachusetts, Clinical Counseling Psychology Internship 

University of Maryland Psychiatric Institute, Medical Psychology Internship 

University of Massachusetts, Doctor of Philosophy (Psychology) 

University of Massachusetts, Master of Science (Psychology) 

University of Connecticut, Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) 




Licensed Psychologist, State of Ohio Board of Psychology (1973-present) 




Journal of the American College Health Association 

    S.D. Weiss, Effects of Presenting Symptom and Therapist Orientation on Treatment Outcome, 1976 

    S.D. Weiss & R. A. Kapp, An Interdisciplinary, Crisis-Oriented Graduate Training Program Within a Student Mental Health Facility, 1975 

    A.J. Nigl & S.D. Weiss, A Consumer Analysis of Campus Mental Health Services, 1976 

    S.M. Selig & S.D. Weiss, Nonpsychological Factors Affecting the Utilization of a Student Mental Health Service, 1975    Journal of Clinical Psychology 

     H. Getter & S.D. Weiss, The Rotter Incomplete Sentences Blank Adjustment Score as an Indicator of Somatic Complaints, 1967  

Journal of Counseling Psychology 

     P.A. Payne, Weiss, S.D. & Kapp, R.A., Didactic, Experiential and Modeling Factors in the Training of Empathy, 1972 

Journal of Genetic Psychology 

     H.B. Biller & S.D. Weiss,The Father-Daughter Relationship and the Personality Development of the Female, 1970 

Journal of Professional Psychology 

     S.D. Weiss, An Interdisciplinary Campus Mental Health Program Specializing in Crisis-Oriented Services, 1974 




American College Health Foundation, Board of Directors Member  

Stephan D. Weiss Foundation (Nonprofit Sustaining Member) 

American Psychological Association, ”Lifetime” Member 

National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology, “Platinum” Registrant, 

Association for Conflict Resolution 

Ohio Mediation Associati 



University of Cincinnati College     of Medicine 

University of Massachusetts 

American College Health Association   

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